“Ready-to-Record” Deeds In Minutes For Free*

We have completed over 15,000 land transactions since 1999 and have the expertise to help you close your next land deal. Don’t let the document preparation and bureaucracy prevent you from making money in real estate. We created DeedPerfect to simplify the process and provide you the documentation you need to close deals fast and efficiently.

In order to transfer land ownership from one individual or entity to another, you will need to prepare and file a deed, which is a legal document that transfers ownership of real estate. Our simple online form will collect basic information about the transaction and instantly generate a document that is ready for signature and filing. In addition, we will provide you with any known supplementary forms that may be required to accompany the deed upon filing.

This is a free service for Pro level and above members. Simply log in and generate your document(s).

If you are not a member, you are welcome to use the service and will be prompted to pay $98.00 per completed deed. Or become a member.

For an example of a completed deed View Sample Deed.

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